Clinics We Offer

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Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic Clinic appointments are available weekly with the Practice Nurse.


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Asthma & Spirometry Clinic

Our Respiratory Medicine Clinic is available to monitor the care of patients with asthma or COPD.

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Blood Tests

We have two Healthcare Assistants with appointments available daily, morning and afternoon.

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Minor Operation

Minor operations are available for the injection of painful joints and the removal of problems such as warts and minor lumps and bumps.


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Maternity Care

Ante-Natal Clinic appointments are available with the midwife on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

The midwife team will look after you during your pregnancy with regular reviews at the surgery.

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Child Development

The doctors within the practice carry out developmental checks on babies at approximately six weeks of age.  Thereafter, the health visitor is available for all further checks and is supported by the doctors.

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Child Health

Health Visitors are available for childhood immunisations and development checks.


Family Planning

All the doctors and the nurse practitioner are happy to give advice on family planning.


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Heart Disease Clinic

Appointments are available weekly with the Coronary Heart Disease Nurse to monitor the care of patients with coronary heart disease.


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Hypertension (high blood pressure) Clinic

The practice nurse and healthcare assistants are available by appointment to check your blood pressure and offer lifestyle advice as necessary to help in the detection and management of this widespread condition.

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Healthy Living

Weight Management appointments are available weekly with the Practice Nurse and Healthcare Assistants.

Smoking Cessation Clinic is available by appointment with the Healthcare Assistants or Practice Nurse.

Dietary Advice is available by appointment with the Practice Nurse for advice regarding diet.

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Counselling services are available to patients by referral.


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Medication Review Clinic

Run by our pharmacist Joanne Lambert.